Where to stay
Our beautiful country has a wide range of accommodation to satisfy every taste and budget: from 5-star hotels featuring thalassotherapy through to furnished holiday lettings, camping, farm stays, tribal village stays and more.
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There are many ways to get around New Caledonia: car hire, bus, plane, boat, bike, taxi …take your pick!
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Under the water, on land or in the air – whether you’re looking for thrills and adventure, or to immerse yourself in ecotourism, you’ll love the many activities on offer.
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Our island offers an abundance of interesting and entertaining options for any holiday: learn the culture of our rich mix of different communities; visit the many historical or natural sites; discover the wealth of endemic flora and fauna, enjoy the evening entertainment …
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Where to eat
You’ll love the diversity of our cuisine : Asian, French, Pacific – and don’t forget to try bougna, the traditional Kanak dish cooked in an underground oven. There’s a range of restaurants waiting to welcome you, from the small snack bars to sophisticated overwater restaurants.
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French and regional
Local cuisine
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ULM / Glider
Other activities


Let us take you flying over the coast in a ULM multiaxe STORCH by FlySynthesis (excellent helicopter-style visibility) and ULM (Ultra Light Aircraft). 

We are ULM Pilots and Instructors (for information, only instructors are authorized and insured to fly paying passenger on ULM flights).


We’re based at Poé/Bourail on weekends (Friday to Monday inclusive) and during school holidays; flights in the week are by reservation only and dependent on weather conditions.  Dates and timings from Poé: to be advised.


Listed below are the various options and rates (during these flights, you can take command and try flying) :

We are based at POE aerodrome, near BOURAIL.  Reservations can be made every day of the week.

Our Initiation Flight “hourly” base rate is 25 000F CFP (210€), departure from POE, overflying Shark Fault (la faille au requins), Shark Island, Roche Percée/Turtle Bay, Ile Verte and the lagoon towards Moindou, plus a flight over the most beautiful part of New Caledonia’s lagoon «As I Like to See It» !!

Adult Rate: 14 000 frs CFP (117€) per Initiation Flight (1h), overflying Shark Fault (la faille au requins), Shark Island, Roche Percée/Turtle Bay + Ile Verte and Secret Pass.


Our fabulous Maiden Flights @ POÉ/BOURAIL, where the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Rate:  in Multi-axe ULM, Maiden flights @ POÉ/BOURAIL:

- (30 min) at 14 000 frs Cfp (117€)

- (60 min) at 25 000 frs Cfp (210€)

-family and/or group trips, where everyone can fly.

Time from Noumea by road:  Nouméa à Bourail 2h30 (162 km)


Heart of Voh Maiden Flights :  We can offer flights over the Heart of Voh in a ULM Multi-axe STORCH by Fly Synthesis (excellent, helicopter-type visibility), 1 passenger only in ULM, possibility of 2 ULMs (Rate X2)

KONE is the closest aerodrome to VOH for the flights over the Heart; Departure Koné: 

1st flight: 31 000 CFP (260€) + 14 000 CFP (117€) for the 1st passenger (flying time:1/2h) Koné/Voh/Koné.

-following flights (max 4) + 14 000 CFP (117€) per rotation/passenger (flying time:1/2h) Koné/Voh/Koné


Practical Information: No medical certificate is required; however a weight limit of +/- 100 kg applies par passenger.  Passengers must be able to climb aboard and seat themselves in a ULM!  Should you have any type of disability, don’t hesitate to discuss this with me so that I can advise and reassure you about flight conditions.


Call 77 51 80 to confirm your choice, so that we can organize the details and your reservation  – looking forward to seeing you soon - Marc

Physical address :

Aérodrome de Poé
Bourail - Poé
98870 Bourail
South province

Mailing address :

BP 41
98870 Bourail
South province

Membership :

Tourism Office

Services :

Access for disabled person
English speaking
Conference/ groups

Rates :

more than 10 000 cfp, Family or group fare,

Means of payment :

CFP bank notes only, Cheque,

Reservation :


Opening days :

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,

Contact :

Mr HOLT Marc
Gérant - Instructeur & Pilote ULM Multiaxes et Paramoteur
Phone :
+687 445206
Mobile :  
+687 775180
E-mail : 

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